Homecoming King - Part 6

Part 6

Have a happy Halloween, folks! It won't be long before I'll be heading to New England for the Webcomics Weekend! (No, I won't have a table... but I hope you get to run into me wandering the halls and pathways.)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [2050; Cassie, Bethany & Nicki are speeding through the jungles of 'Nam in the Hyperscooter] (CW) "According to the map, the location of Jake and Gary's last camp is nearby. Got the shovels?" (BG) "Yep!" (CW) "We'll first go to 1973 and scan for flesh particles." [1973; all three girls are in traditional Vietnamese garb – except for Nicki's "periscope"] (CW) "It's quiet." (BG) "TOO quiet." (CW) "Any readings, Nicki?" (Nicki) "I'm getting high readings of Jake's DNA 116 yards up the road. Presumably they are leftover particles from his severed arm." (CW) "Okay, let's move!" [1972] (CW) "Are we at the minefield?" (Nicki) "Yes. The exact locations of the buried landmines are being projected. Please exercise caution." (CW) "Great... Let's get shoveling! If we move fast, we could get enough of these dug up for Nicki to uproot before... [PSHINNNGGG there goes Cassie's hat!] ...SOMEONE SHOWS UP!"

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