These Are The Good Old Days - Part 1

Part 1

TLT Trivia: This is the first time I drew Cassie as an old lady visiting from the future.

ADDED 1-7-10: Back then, I figured MySpace would still be relevant in the late 21st century. Maybe they'll do some drastic makeover or overhaul and get back in the game.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW, seated in front of the TV, when an off-screen voice asks:) "Excuse me, can we use your computer for a minute?" (CW, to herself) That's not Bethany...! (turns angrily) "WHO ARE YOU??? WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY--- [Smiling "grandmother Cassie" waving the time machine at her – with a little girl in tow] Oh. My bad... Sure, it's in the next room." (GCW) "Thank you dear. This way, Julie!" (CW to herself) I guess I better get used to $#|+ like this... (Julie, off-screen) "Wow, Gramma. MySpace didn't even have ONE Billion people back then?" (GCW) "That's right. And we had to use these. They were called keyboards!" [This was the first time Cassie appeared as an old lady – and yes, TMO acknowledged the strip is dated...]

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