Meet Me Halfway - Part 8

Part 8

Time to check out of this storyline.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (BG) "So, what's the verdict on Philip?" (CW) "He's a real sweet guy in person. Full of surprises, too. He's definitely got potential... But you never know how that'll turn out." (BG) "Well, at least you could find out, right?" (CW) "Beth, I'm not gonna use my time machine to find out who I end up with." (CW) "I'm almost certain that will influence my dating or commitment decisions, and screw up whatever future family I have! I've already met a wonderful great-granddaughter, and I don't wanna lose her... So I'm just gonna play it by ear where relationships are concerned." (BG) "Well, I gotta say I admire your willpower in this matter!" (CW) "Believe me, if that wasn't gonna work, I probably would have told myself by now."

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