Meet Me Halfway - Part 7

Part 7

After the Chad situation, I guess you can't blame Cassie for just wanting to be unattached for the time being.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW, in bed with Philip) "Phew... I can't move." (PW) "That cowboy hat did something to you, huh?" (CW, cuddling with him) "Yeah, it was just a matter of taking what you got already and dressing it up the right way." (PW) "You know, I don't have to keep this 'stache if you don't like it..." (CW) "Philip... Sweetie... I don't want you to change yourself just for me. In fact... I'm not really ready to do the serious relationship thing right now, if that's what you're thinking. (getting up, putting her dress back on) I'm really sorry... I just want us to stay friends for now. 'With benefits', of course." (PW, putting his t-shirt on) "That's fine... I'm cool with that." (CW, kissing him on the cheek) "I'm gonna head back to my hotel now... Let's do this again sometime, okay?" (PW) "Okay... have a good night!" [SLAM!] (PW) "-Sigh-"

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