Meet Me Halfway - Part 3

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW) "Philip... 78... TX?" (Philip Webber, welcome to the cast!) "You're Nanocass? Well... Nice to finally meet you in person!" (CW) "Uhh... Nice to meet you too!" (PW) "I know... You're pretty surprised or shocked at how I look in real life. I was hoping the 'stache thing would make a comeback after 'My Name Is Earl'. But I've been quite comfortable with it." (CW) "It... kinda works for you... Do you get out here a lot?" (PW) "Oh yeah... See, I work as an engineer for Southern Gas, and I travel all over West Texas doing maintenance work on their wells. So I do visit Abilene every once in a while. But enough about me... What are you up to when you're not smashing atoms?" (CW, who hadn't figured what to say at this point) "Well... I... Uh..." (PW) "Are you still stuck in 'I can't believe I had cybersex with this guy' mode?" (CW, embarrassed hand to head) "Yyyyeah..."

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