Meet Me Halfway - Part 2

Part 2

The pics in the first two panels are from the Mezamiz Coffee House in Abilene, which looks like a pretty cool place from what their website says. I hope they appreciate the publicity. :)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Mezamiz Coffee House, Abilene, Texas] (CW, to herself) Wow, this place is packed... I hope I can find Philip in this crowd. (ordering) "One decaf caramel latte, please!" (Blonde barista) "Thank you, your order number is 325." (CW) "Thank you!" (off-screen voice) "NUMBER 319?" (CW, looking at her number as a short guy with a long beard hears her) "Hoo boy..." (Short bearded guy, to Cassie as another gentleman hears her concern) "Don't fret, ma'am. They're good at getting' their stuff out fast." (Brown haired gentleman, with a moustache, to Cassie) "Still seems like a long wait, right?" (CW) "I'll say! Is it always this crowded?" (Guy) "Yep, There's not a lot of cool coffee houses in this town, so you get a nice variety of interesting folks here. (to Cassie, who is about to be floored) Philip Webber. Nice to meet you."

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