Jurassic Pet - Part 9

Part 9

"Sinclair" I actually got from the old "Dinosaurs" sitcom on ABC, but I do know about Sinclair Oil as well.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW) "Hey Matt! You're just in time to say hello to my new pet!" (MG) "New Pet?" (CW) "Yep! They should be here any minute now! We're finishing up building a home for him out back!" (MG) "So that's why your backyard's being ripped up..." [DING DONG] (KS, with the baby Prenoceratops on a leash) "Here he is! He's fully housebroken, and as a bonus we enhanced his brain to function on a dog or cat level!" (CW) "Oh cool! Thank you so much!" (BP) "RAWWNK!" (MG) "You're new pet's a dinosaur???" (CW, holding the little Prenoceratops in her arms) "Yes indeed! Straight from the wilds of Pangaea, 65 million years ago!" (MG) "So, what did you name him?" (CW) "Oh, I don't think we ever settled on that! Beth, what's your suggestions?" (BG) "Topsy? For Prenoceratops?" (CW) "Ehhh... Nope. Dino?" (BG) "Oh GOD no... Sinclair?" (CW) "Not really... Ryan?" (BG) "Hmmm... Naaah." (MG) "What about Walky? You know that song 'Walk The Dinosaur', right? Walky the Dinosaur!" (CW) "Well, that's fine, if you want to get sued by David Willis..."

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