Jurassic Pet - Part 8

Part 8

I gotta admit, drawing a fubar'd Nicki was a little fun.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW, back home) "So what happens now?" (KS) "What we'll do next is take both dinosaurs back to our labs and attempt to domesticate them. There's a very good chance that we could be able to get them housebroken, even! The entire process may take a few months... But to you, it'll just be overnight. Once we're done, we'll time-warp back to tomorrow evening and return your dinosaur to you." (Kaylie, holding them in a see-through cage) "We'll take good care of them!" (CW) "Okay... Bye, baby dinos! (inside, to Bethany) I need to call some landscaping companies and get some quotes on building a lizard habitat." (BG) "I sure hope Nicki made it back okay, without her time machine getting busted... (speak of the devil – and she's a MESS) OH WOW... (CW, shocked) NICKI!!! Are you alright? You're a complete MESS! (Nicki, looking a little like the Terminator AFTER he'd been shot a few times) "Yes, but you should have seen the OTHER velociraptors!"

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