Jurassic Pet - Part 7

Part 7

And here's our newest addition to the cast! I think I've settled on a name for him, but I'm also open to suggestions.

The graffiti references: a) my old high school friend Priscilla does a fascinating blog and some entertaining stick-figure cartoons at HeavenInMyFoot.com; and b) it's the 7th anniversary of me being married to Kristi. :)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [65002010 BC] (Nicki, shooting stun bolts at T-Rex) "GO AHEAD AND GET BACK TO 2010! I'LL KEEP HIM BUSY!" (CW, holding the egg in hand) "I don't know if I can at this elevation!" (KS) "Just activate it! If there's a wall of dirt we'll just run to higher ground and try again!" (CW, activating the time portal) "Okay, here goes nothing... [The portal opens into a subway tunnel] "Whoa! Watch the tracks!" (BG) "Oh good, we're in a subway tunnel!" (KS) "I was afraid we'd end up in a skyscraper basement, or even worse, a sewer drain... but at least it'll be easier for us to find our way out!" [CRACKLE; the egg in Cassie's hand is suddenly moving... CRACK] (Baby Prenoceratops) "Rawwnk!" (Kaylie) "Looks like someone else found their way out!" (CW, holding the little Prenoceratops) "AWWWW...!"

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