Jurassic Pet - Part 6

Part 6

I'm pretty much guessing on the colors of these things. (Not to mention there's new theories that some dinosaurs used to have feathers.) Oh well, I never promised to be THAT historically accurate in my comics...

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [65002010 BC] (CW) "Maybe we should just call this off. It's getting way too dangerous." (KS) "I'm with you, Cass. Look, I know where I can get you a cool-looking giant igua..." (BG, off-screen) "HEY, CHECK THIS OUT! (looking down at a nest) Looks like that Preno-whatsit that just got devoured left behind a couple of eggs!" (Nicki) "Those are in fact eggs from a Prenoceratops, most likely the one we just saw." (CW) "Let's just keep those! What do you say, Agent Scott?" (KS) "Here's what I propose... We'll take both eggs back to our own time. You keep one as a pet, we keep the other for analysis. We promise we won't do any harmful experiments." (CW) "I can live with that! This won't mess with the timeline, will it?" (BG) "Um... No, because I think those were gonna become his lunch!" [Raptor is not happy they're messing with his hors d'oeuvres.. .ROOOAAARR] (Kaylie) "RUN!!!"

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