Jurassic Pet - Part 5

Part 5

You knew a Dinosaur Comics reference was inevitable. :P

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [65002010 BC] (Kaylie) "The mighty T-Rex!" (CW) "I suddenly feel the urge to build a little shack for it to step on." (KS, to Cassie) "We must tread carefully." (Nicki) "Factoring in your choices, which include smaller than a Doberman, longevity of 50 years or more, and fairly affectionate, that narrows it down to 127 different species." (CW) "Hopefully a good number of those are around here!" (Kaylie) "I believe we're up around Montana or Western Canada somewhere." (CW) "There's a cool looking little dino!" (Nicki) "Detailed scan shows that it is of the species Prenoceratops, and that it fits all of your set parameters." (Kaylie) "Sounds like a good fit! [CRUNCH! T-rex has some lunch] And... just like that, it's gone." (CW) "UGH! I can't look!" (KS, to Cassie) You know, the animal shelter would've had a lot less drama..."

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