Jurassic Pet - Part 2

Part 2

It wouldn't be a trip to Miami without a visit from Cassie's good friend Kat from Rule Of Three. And that "fantasy date" actually did happen, by the way.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (Kat, from Rule of Three, as CW is laying on the beach) "Enjoying your annual Miami getaway so far?" (CW) "I sure am, Kat! How's things with you?" (Kat) "Well, other than the fact that my fantasy date died, I'm doing good." [See the Rule of Three archives for that one] (CW) "Oh yeah... Isn't that sad? I always thought Peter Steele would live to a ripe old age!" (Kat) "And now Dio... It's been a rough year for rockers so far! Anyway, the whole gang says hi. We'll have to all get together later." (CW) "I'm thinking of getting a pet. I haven't had one since that fish from a couple years ago." (Kat) "You leaning towards a dog, or a cat, or what?" (CW) "I'm not sure... I think I want something more exotic, like maybe a parrot or iguana." (Kat) "Well, you've got your time machine, why don't you go back and get something that's been long extinct? You could find out if unicorns really existed... Or adopt a dodo bird... hell, you could even get your own dinosaur!" (CW) "Hmmm... I dunno... Dinosaurs didn't exactly behave like Fred Flintstone's pet, you know..."

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