Jurassic Pet - Part 1

Part 1

Helping to kick off a new storyline is the gang from HippoJuice!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [NanoCon 10 in Miami! Royce, Ryan, Marie and John from the HippoJuice podcasts are guest-starring] (Royce) "So... You're developing everyday household stuff with nanotechnology, right?" (CW) "You got it! Someday you could have self-smoothing caulk, foot-cleaning welcome mats... [The TerCon Booth – "Nanotech Solutions For Your Life"] Maybe even nanorobotic hair extraction, something I like to call 'Smart Nair'!" (Marie, in front of the booth) "Sounds cool!" (John, in a blue shirt) "You thought up anything for pets? We sure could use some futuristic help with our newborn puppies!" (CW) "Well, we've processed things like nanorobotic earmite killers or tapeworm zappers, or stuff you can spray on dog poop to completely vaporize it... Or if you have cats with bad scratching habits, you may someday buy some spray-on nanorobots that'll instantly mend furniture!"(Royce) "Yeah, and you could make that in pill form, in case someone gets Cat Scratch Fever!" (Ryan) "-Sigh- You got anything that'll automatically mute out horrible joke bombs?" (CW) "I'm afraid we're not that technologically advanced yet."

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