Let's Intersect Our Polygons - Part 4

Part 4

This should put to rest any speculation of Cassie and Matt getting together. They're basically platonic friends in the Rayne/Issa or Davan/Peejee sense.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [World2; so much for that adventure...] (NCDFW) Let's do this some other time, when I'm not being intruded upon (P78TX) LOL... ok, cya [logging off] (MG) "So... Who's the lucky guy?" (CW) "Just an online acquaintance. Nothing more, nothing less. He lives over in Lubbock. We've never met in person." (MG) "You do know he might end up being some middle-aged zit-faced fatass still living in his mom's basement." (CW) "Well, as long as I never see his real-life likeness, I'll just leave that to my imagination." (MG) "So this is what your social life's come to, huh? Random online trysts with faceless cyber-fuckbuddies?" (CW) "Of course not, silly! I haven't changed. I'm just being more cautious about who I confide in regarding my secret time-traveling lifestyle. And I know I'll eventually find a special guy I can trust." (MG) "hell, you've been able to trust me all this time!" (CW) "Yeah, I do realize that." [pause as they stop, then she turns as he looks at her, putting one arm around her, then...] (BOTH, walking away quickly) "NAAAAAAHHH." (CW) "The two of US? Get real." (MG) "Yeah, I'm SO over that."

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