He's Going The Distance (For An Awful Pun)

He's Going The Distance (For An Awful Pun)

Just a little homage to Stephan Pastis and his excellent Pearls Before Swine comic. I love it when he does one of his Sunday pun gags.

(Additional apologies to all fans of Cake and Portal.)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW, looking at a photo of a rock guitarist with a Misfits tshirt on, off-screen) "Hey! There's Eli Stevenson from my biology class playing in his band!" (BG, off-screen) "I wonder what became of him..." (CW, off-screen) "You didn't know that he joined Cake?" (BG) "Huh? When did this happen?" (CW, seated on the couch next to Matt, still thumbing through her yearbook) "Just a few years ago when their original guitarist quit. Eli replaced him, and he got to play in Cake concerts all over the world." (MG) "Wait... We're talking about the Cake band? 'He's Going The Distance' and all that?" (CW) "Yeah... And when they went on hiatus last year, Eli took it upon himself to secure legal rights to the band name... Just like Axl Rose did with Guns 'n' Roses." (MG) "Are you serious???" (CW) "Dead serious! The other band members are suing to get the name back, but Beth, you know how cocky Eli can get... He's even threatened to make a Cake album playing all the instruments by himself!" (BG) "Whoa... That mean..." (CW) "Yep. Right now... (meaningful pause) ...The Cake IS Eli." (Rat from Pearls Before Swine, carrying a baseball bat as TMO is finishing up this punny strip) "Hey, Tom! Recognize me from your 'favorite comic strip'? Well, Matt wanted me to give a 'special message' to you..."

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