Seriously? - Part 15

Part 15

With this one I almost feel like I'm doing an episode for a teen-oriented prime-time drama. All that's missing is the popular breakup song of the moment going in the background, and an Executive Producer credit on the screen at the end.

Anyway, here's where the storyline ends, to paraphrase a classic song by the Sundays. I'll get back to more hilarity after this.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW, voiceover as she and KS part) I know I have a future with someone out there. (Cassie looks out over a balcony on the Riverwalk.) Thanks to my time machine, that is a known fact... and that is something I can take comfort in. (She looks down at her "ring") Right now, it just hurts to find out that the man that I had just fallen in love with, the man that I thought might be the one... [takes off the ring] ...would not end up that way. [looks at the ring, thinks of Chad briefly] Granted, I didn't really feel genuine love for Chad until this evening. [eyes starting to tear up] So at least it wasn't like I had to start all over after many years of entrusting my heart to him. [She flings the ring blindly into the river, crying before collapsing with her elbows against the balcony, hands over her face] ...Still... The loss of his love hurts all the same.

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