Seriously? - Part 11

Part 11

If you're wondering where Cassie and Chad are, they're in one of those fancy shopping/entertainment districts (where they had their dinner at), adjoining a park and lake (where they're at now). There's a few of those types of places in the DFW area, like Las Colinas in Irving or the Harbor in Rockwall.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW) "Look, I'm not pulling your leg or anything, let me demonstrate… (pulls out the time machine) …I created a new element in the atom-smasher at work with timetraveling capabilities… and it's in this device. (pointing the machine to an open area) I punch in the details of where I want to go… say this morning… and activate the time window. (time portal opens) Next, we walk through…" (Chad, blown away) "WHOA…" (CW) "See? Feel the sun? This shit's for real! (back through the time portal) Now back to where we were… I can go to any point in time with this thing… that is, as long as Earth is in existence." (Chad) "All that.. in that one little gadget?" (CW) "Exactly! So now do you believe me?" (Chad) "You kidding? This is amazing! It's fuckin' groundbreaking! (turns to think) I don't think you realize just how famous this could make you! This could change everything! (CW, looking around as things suddenly pop out of the ground, to herself) Uh-oh.

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