Seriously? - Part 7

Part 7

Allen Jefferson, by the way, is a name based on two DJs that were on the same station (94.5 The Edge in Dallas) back in 1995, named Alan Smith & Jeff K.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW continues the story of her and Allen Jefferson) [Adult hand drops the room key card upon finding the two kids in his hotel bed] It was only after getting busted by one of the chaperones – in mid-penetration, no less – that Allen found out how old I was. And even though I was a willing participant, he told everyone that he took full advantage of me. I tried to admit that I was in on it, but Allen told me not to say a word. (AJ, to a crying Cassie) "Cassie, LISTEN to me. You didn't want any of this. You're gonna lose your spot on the drill team, you'll forever be known as the 'Class Slut', and you could even be expelled. I did a real bad thing… And I don't want to drag you down with me." [Mrs. Wells gives Allen the verbal beat down while Dad just looks on angrily] Needless to say, my parents were FURIOUS. Mom came down hard on him about innocence destroyed, evil desires, the flames of #3|| and so on. My dad just wanted to kill him. I was lucky to end up with only a two-week grounding, but since Allen was 18 and I was 13, he was brought up on charges of statutory rape. [The courtroom, as Cassie testifies] I played it innocently like he wanted, but I still pleaded for leniency. He ended up with probation, but he was kicked out of band, lost his scholarship and was ordered to go nowhere near me… which meant he had to finish high school at the alternative campus. [U-Haul moving van driving away] After Allen graduated, he and his family moved away. I never saw him again. And no one ever knew what happened to him. (CW) "The outrage and fuss over our sexual moment had left me with the impression that sex was evil… That it did nothing but destroy lives and ruin reputations. It was enough to keep myself away from not only boys but almost all social interaction in my high school years."

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