He Never Met A Time Traveler He Didn't Like

He Never Met A Time Traveler He Didn't Like

This comic pretty much reflects my thoughts on Will (no, not Fred) Rogers, who's a legendary figure around where I live. He's even got a statue at the Oklahoma State Capitol. If he was living today, he'd almost certainly have his own late night TV show. He probably would have been a TV star if he hadn't met an untimely demise in a plane crash back in 1935. The first four panels contain actual quotes from him, not necessarily from his stage act.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1917] (Will Rogers, doing his "rope tricks" and comedy) "Well, what should I talk about? I ain't got anything funny to say… All I know is what I read in the papers. Ya know, on account of being a democracy and run by the people, we are the only nation in the world that has to keep a government for four years, no matter what it does! (laughter) Everyone's being diplomatic in the Great War, aren't they? You take the diplomacy out of war and the thing would fall flat in a week! We don't know what we want, but we are ready to bite somebody to get it! (doffing his hat) Thank you, folks! Enjoy the rest of the show!" [clapping] (CW, in appropriate attire) Will, you were hilarious! You oughta get your own late night TV Talk Show!" (WR) "Well, thank you, ma'am… Uh… What's a TV talk show?" (Stage manager for the Ziegfeld Follies) "Beats me, Mister Rogers!"

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