Interview With The Vampires - Part 4

Part 4

The last of the Twilight gags.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW) "The Cullens are vampires, but they only consume the blood of animals, essentially making them the 'vegans' of the undead. I know they'd rather drink human blood, though, which is why I'd want to ask them..." (they're now outside the Cullen Estate) "Have you ever tried acquiring human blood through alternate means... In other words, not by killing people?" (Jasper) "Well, we tried working at funeral homes, sucking the blood out of the new arrivals... But it was kinda like eating stale bread." (Alice) "And robbing the blood banks was... just plain wrong." (Edward, standing next to Bella) "I tried working at a hospital, and sipping from amputated limbs, but I felt like I was dumpster-diving."

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