Interview With The Vampires - Part 3

Part 3

Anyone else here old enough to remember "Love At First Bite"? :D

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW) "I'm sure those vampires from 'Twilight' would have some strong opinions on how their kind have been portrayed in the media and popular culture..." (Jasper Hale) "Oh, don't get me started... Fangs? Capes? That God-awful hairstyle? I wouldn't be caught dead in that getup!" (Emmett) "Bela Lugosi as a vampire? Eh... He was okay. The well-tanned George Hamilton as a vampire? The ultimate definition of irony." (Alice) "Coppola's film wasn't half bad, though. Gary Oldman was awesome, but... what was with that old-guy hair?" (Esme) "As for Lestat... Well, Tom Cruise can suck me dry anytime!"

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