Interview With The Vampires - Part 1

Part 1

I know there's a bunch of you out there that totally hate the "Twilight" series, so bear with me, this'll only last two weeks, or four strips. I'm doing this little vignette because:

  1. "Twilight" is hot shit right now, thanks to the "New Moon" film that just hit theaters.
  2. I came up with some really good gags involving vampires and the Cullen clan, and I want to use them, dammit.
  3. I'm ultra-busy with stuff like putting up holiday decorations, shopping for gifts for my wife, doing stuff with the foster kid, scripting and drawing another comic and various other time-consuming things, and these next few strips aren't gonna take a lot of time to put together. And most importantly:
  4. It bugs my wife, who's a genuine "Twilight" fanatic. :D

Also: Yes, that's Jimmy from Been Better!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [BG & CW are walking out of seeing Twilight: New Moon] (BG) "Was that awesome or what?" (CW) "Phenomenal... I am so ready for 'Eclipse' now!" [Background has Jimmy from Been Better, reading a book] (BG) "Ever wish those Cullens were real?" (CW) "Yeah, there's a bunch of questions I would love to ask them..." (CW, talking to the Cullen clan) "So... Why do you get all sparkly in sunlight? Aren't you vampires actually supposed to rot away and die if exposed to the sun?" (Carlisle Cullen) "We used to really have that problem, believe it or not..." (Esme Cullen) "...But then Alice discovered 'Avon'!" [Alice is rolling her eyes as Edward looks on]

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