It's A Wonderful Nightlife - Part 4

Part 4

If this seems to move a little fast, it's because Jonathan's series updated more frequently than mine, so his side of the story stretched out a bit more.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (Kat) "Okay, I'm back. So what's this huge secret of yours? (CW) "Kat... I'm a time traveler." (Kat) "Get outta here!" (CW) "No seriously! Come over here and watch us from a minute ago..." [Time portal opens...] (CW, from a moment ago) "Kat... I'm a time traveler." (Kat, from a moment ago) "Get outta here!" (Kat, now) "Wow, that's unbelievable!" (CW) "And remember Tiki's opening night?" (Kat) "Now that I think about it, I do recall seeing someone who looked like you on that night..." (CW) "That was me! But I came from early 2007 when I first discovered this place! I had to go back to see how the grand opening went!" (Kat) "Really? That's so cool!" (CW) "Anyway, back to Nelson... Come with me!" (Kat, looking back as Cassie drags her outside by the light rail tracks) "But... I have to make a cash pull..." (CW) "You'll be RIGHT BACK at this point in time, I'll make sure of it!"

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