Back To The Garden - Part 17

Part 17

Those two present-day stoners are actually Marek & Hanna from Octopus Pie.

The alternate ending had Cassie just handing the keys to the van over to Neptune & Butterfly... but I decided to be a bit more extreme than that. :)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1969; The Van is in a puddle of mud. Or is that a LAKE of mud?] (BG) "WHAT THE FUCK?!?!" (CW) "There must have been a mudslide here while we were at the festival!" (BG) "Can we go back to before it fell?" (MG) "And park it somewhere else, maybe?" (CW) "Look, we're leaving it. I was gonna sell the van anyway. It won't fit through a time window and I don't wanna pay to store it! I'm sure some hippies will get it soon." (BG) "But HOW THE FUCK are we gonna get HOME???" (CW, opening a time portal into the woods) "Let's just get right back to 2009 and see if Agent Scott can give us a ride to an airport or something..." (MG) "Sweet... Doesn't look like anybody saw us!" (ND) "Well, almost..." [Stoners on the hill... Marek and Hanna from Octopus Pie!] (Marek) "Whoa... You see what I see?" (Hanna) "Yeah, what did you PUT in this blunt?"

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