Back To The Garden - Part 13

Part 13

Like anyone at Woodstock is gonna remember these predictions anyway...

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1969; The rains have set in on Yasgur's Farm, and they're all in a random tent] (Unknown Hippie) "So there will only be TWO more Woodstocks after this year???" (CW) "Yes... One will still be true to the spirit of this one, and the other will end in chaos." (NB) "Whoa... Bummer." (CW) "But other, more fantastic festivals will take its place... With names like 'Lollapalooza' and 'Bonnaroo'!" (Big Afro Lady) "Can your forecasting stone tell you if we'll ever get a black president?" (CW, pretending to look into her 'pendant') "Hmm... I would give it 50 years or so." (Target tie-dye shirt dude) "So what's in store for freaks like us. Like, do we have any kind of a future?" (CW) "Well, the freaks of the future will have new place to gather... in fact, I'm envisioning, out in the western desert... a Burning Man!" (Butterfly) "They're gonna get burned alive?" (Neptune) "Total bummer!" (CW) "Oh shit! NO no no... It's a giant wooden statue of a man that gets set on fire!"

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