Back To The Garden - Part 11

Part 11

Whoa... she's trippin' hard, man! Seeing Last Stop and Sheldon characters... and WTF is a Nannerpuss???

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1969] (BG) "Come on... You won't get a better chance to try LSD!" (CW) "I don't know..." (BF) "High-quality stuff, sweetie!" (MG) "We've been dabbling in the weed and acid all this time, so it's your turn now, Sandstone!" (CW) "Agent Scott...?" (KS) "Hey, I'm not gonna make any arrests here... as far as I'm concerned, what happens at Woodstock STAYS at Woodstock." (BG) "If you're worried about drug testing, you can always give yourself an 'extended vacation' until it wears off!" (CW, taking a "tab") "Well... alright! [POINK!] Whoa... FUCKIN' A!" (BG) "Heh heh... How's the trip, Sandy?" (CW) "I'm seein' shit... Hey you better... NOT be recording this... for YouTube or nothin'!" [The gang has been "transformed" to CW...] (BG, who now looks like a Banana with a moustache) "You don't think anyone heard that, did you?" (KS, who's been transformed into Klunk from "Last Stop Comic") "Don't worry. Even if they did, no one's gonna know what a 'YouTube' is." (MG is now Flacco from "Sheldon") "Squee!"

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