Back To The Garden - Part 10

Part 10

And thus, Cassie becomes a pioneer in the act of streaking. :)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1969] (CW; to herself) Ugh. I feel so grimy. I guess it's time to do some hippie-style bathing. This area looks awful crowded, though. Here's a nice secluded spot. [Sheds her clothes and the time machine – yes, first time we've ever seen Cassie COMPLETELY in the buff] Ahhh. I needed some fresh water on my face... (ND, on dry land) "Sandstone? I don't think that is a good location to bathe in." (CW) "You sure about that?" (ND) "Yes, you're currently downstream from the other bathers and the rest of the festival... which, coupled with the recent rains and lack of sufficient facilities means that this part of the creek has the highest concentration of human urine and fecal matter." [Realization is an ugly thing] (CW runs off naked) "AAAGH! BLEAH! EW EW EW EW...." (Dark-haired hippie) "Whoa. She must be havin' a bad trip, man." (Brown-haired naked hippie) "Hey, that gives me a fun idea; Let's run naked through our campus and try not to get caught!"

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