Back To The Garden - Part 2

Part 2

They just would've been cramped in one of them Microbuses... so they're going to Woodstock in a roomy 1968 Ford Econoline.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1969, outside the house] (MG) "So... Cassie, you're 'Sandstone', Bethany is 'Honeydew', and I'm... 'Moodbrat'?" (CW) "`Moonbat'." (MG, admiring the 1968 Ford Econoline van) "THAT'S our ride? Cool!" (CW) "Yep! It might not be the legendary 'Volkswagen' van, but we've got lots of room, air conditioning..." (BG) "..AND shag carpeting, bay-bee!" (MG) "And... Why is Nicki coming with us?" (CW) "What 'Nightingale' will mainly be doing is watching all of the concert – and recording it in glorious high-definition video." (ND) "I've got 250 terabytes reserved just for that." (MG) "She'll be able to do that?" (CW) "Of course! Her eye cameras can zoom in up to 200 feet, so we have a wide choice of camping locations there!" (ND) "I shall be the envy of all the robots at the retirement homes!"

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