Back To The Garden - Part 1

Part 1

Time for another epic storyline! I had originally come up with a Woodstock story back when I first dreamed up TLT in 1995, but I decided to put this one on ice until the 40th anniversary of the legendary concert festival. Also, the original had only Cassie going by herself, but now I've got the whole gang taking the trip.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW, going over a checklist on a clipboard) "Okay... Sunscreen, check. Earplug radios, check. Package of antibacterial wipes, check." (BG) "You all set for our big Woodstock trip, Cass?" (CW) "Just about! (continues her checklist) Couple changes of clothes, check. Lotion, check. iPod containing complete concert and other music of the time, check. Bikini, check..." (BG) "I'm all packed. Got everything I need!" (CW) "Is Matt still coming with us?" (BG) "Last I heard, he was on his way..." (MG) "Good morning, my fellow pseudo-hippies. Let the far-out Magical Mystery Tour BEGIN!" (CW) "What the... You are NOT taking a fucking BONG on our trip..." (MG) "When in Rome, sunshine!" (BG) "It's SANDSTONE and HONEYDEW. Let's get our Woodstock names correct before we leave, at least!"

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