About Last Night... 18 Years Ago... - Part 12

Part 12

I was debating to myself almost up to the last minute about how I was gonna wrap this up... will she go to the wedding? will she watch herself at the wedding? will she be just looking at photos of it? and so on. Anyway, it's a decent conclusion.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [2008] (CW) "Such a wonderful day for a wedding!" (BG) "Yeah. I wonder why we didn't attend the first time around!" (CW) "Because we were at our class reunion at this time, remember?" (MG) "So – how come you're not the maid of honor?" (CW) "Well, you know her. She made lots of friends since she started college, and some were much closer to her, so I'm not surprised. Or offended." (MHO) "Thank you, Micha – and now I would like to propose a special toast to a special friend of mine. I'd have to say if it wasn't for her, Rodney and I wouldn't have ever found each other. She's been a great friend – and at one point, a lifesaver. Cassie, I love you and I owe so much to you, because you've done so much for me in ways that I couldn't even begin to describe. To Cassie, Everyone!" (CW, to herself) More than you know, Maggie... more than you'll ever know. "Aw thanks! Love ya too!" (Everyone) "TO CASSIE!"

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