About Last Night... 18 Years Ago... - Part 11

Part 11

I just couldn't resist throwing in one more curveball! :)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1991] (RO) "YOU? An AGGIE?" (CW) "That's right. Hardcore Maroon, 'Saw 'em off'.' I've got a brother in the Corps of Cadets, I know all the game day chants by heart and everything!" (RO) "Shit. I had no idea..." (CW) "But that's not the only reason we shouldn't be together. I'm not feeling any chemistry between us... and I'm just not ready for a relationship right now. I'm really sorry, Rodney. You'll find someone new, I guarantee it. You know what I think would be a perfect match for you? An Irish girl. You oughta find yourself a nice and feisty redhead to settle down with. But first, just enjoy life for the next... several years." (RO) "Well... okay." (CW) "Here, gimme a hug. Best of luck to ya!" [2009; back to TerCon; to herself] I sure hope that was enough to steer him back to Maggie... (to BG) "So what's the status? Are Rodney and Maggie back together as a couple?" (BG) "Um, yeah..." (CW) "Whew. What a relief! Thank God everything's FINALLY back to normal..." (BG) "They got married last year."

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