Pleased To Meet Me - Part 7

Part 7

And with this I set a guideline for self-interaction in the TLT-verse.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [MG and CW at Starbucks the next day] (MG) "So. Interesting day yesterday." (CW, seated) "Yyyeahhh. Can't say I'd blame you for freakin' out." (MG) "I'm only curious as to how you could interact with yourself in that situation." (CW) "You know, it's funny. Once I met my past self, I could feel my memories being redrawn in my head. And all I had to do was think about how I would have reacted, and just like that, my other self said and did it. It was such a strange experience, like I was telepathically working a puppet. [MG has a seat] But at least the living room's all rearranged and everything's back to normal now." (MG) "Cool." [pause as MG takes a drink of his coffee] (CW) "If you clone yourself, and the two of you make out, would that be considered masturbation?" [PFFF]

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