Let's Get Small

Let's Get Small

Featuring the two main characters from Gelotology.

And remember, kids, Cassie can talk about these products because she's seen them in the future! ;)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Nano-Con 2009; Cassie is manning the booth] (Gelotology's Becky) "What does TerCon specialize in?" (CW) "Our mission is to apply nanotechnology to everyday life activities." (Dave, also from Gelotology) "You got any products yet? (CW, off-screen over a photo of the entrance to NanoCon 2009) "Not quite, but we do have a sizable amount of research investments from quite a few industry giants, so that keeps us afloat for a few years or so. We also rent out our labs to some corporations who can't afford their own research & development divisions. We are close to rolling out things like self-cleaning paintbrushes, autofocus eyeglasses and electric erasers that can even remove permanent ink. We're also working on holographic clothing, with nano-bots projecting images to cover your body up. These virtual clothes could even be animated! It's like wrapping yourself in a flat screen monitor, all the while you feel like you're wearing nothing!" (Becky) "Sounds cool, but would something like that be completely reliable?" (CW) "Not at the moment. Right now a cup of water or a powerful magnet would give a whole new meaning to the term 'wardrobe malfunction'!"

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