Last Tango In Key West

Last Tango In Key West

In case you're wondering what Matt and Rule Of Three's Hazel are doing together, start reading here over at Rule Of Three after reading through the "Miami Time Machine" storyline. (And then click here for the aftermath of this meetup!)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Miami International Airport – Again?] (Voice 1, offscreen) I can't believe we're doing this. (Voice 2... which sounds a whole lot like MG, in a car traveling across the Florida Keys, off-screen) Hey, you're the one that texted me about getting back together for another night. (Rather obviously a Female Voice, as they've reached A1A in Key West; is this the gal from the party back in strip 89?; offscreen) Yeah, I know. I sound so desperate, don't I... (MG, still off-screen) You're not being desperate at all.. [we see Matt's signature on the rental agreement] ...In fact, I was secretly wanting this just as much as you were! (FV, still off-screen) What are your friends gonna think? I'm good friends with Cassie, I don't wanna ruin that. (MG, only his hand seen toting a small suitcase with the receipt sticking out) You know what? I never did tell them the truth about that night in '88. (FV, off-screen as the car pulling around to their room – with a Public Enemy bumper sticker on the back… waitaminute…) REALLY? (MG) They still think I banged that homegirl I was dancing with. (FV, off-screen as they knock on room 333…Three threes? Could it be?) Well, I told the girls that I'm spending a night Tampa for an animal massage course. (she grabs Matt's butt in emphasis) (MG, off-screen) Heh... I told Cassie and Bethany I was going to a travel seminar in Miami for a couple of days. [Passionate kiss, then we finally see... Matt with HAZEL from Rule of THREE?] (Hazel) "This is some seminar you've got going here." (MG) "It still can be... You ever heard of going 'around the world'?" (Hazel) "Oooh... Kinky! I like that!" [Hazel puts the "DO NOT DISTURB" sign outside their room – her H-stars tattoo visible as they slip inside... ]

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