Father Time-Travel - Part 10

Part 10

My wife and I used to watch Trading Spaces all the time... but I stopped when they toned down the goofiness and got rid of Paige Davis.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (MG) "So, what did you do with the house all that time?" (CW) "Well, up until 2002, we rented the house out to other people, and that helped with paying the property taxes and repairs. It only took like maybe a week total to go down through the years and collect the money and make appointments and everything. We built a little shed in the back for ourselves, as a base for our time-traveling. [sitting down in her easy chair] And then when we had the house all to ourselves, we decided to get a little help in redoing some rooms." (MG, on the couch) "Really? What kind of help?" [2003] (Paige Davis, of "Trading Spaces", is doing the "big reveal" for the two girls) "Okay, Annie, Sandra... Open your eyes!" (CW, as "Sandra") "It's... different." (BG, as "Annie") "Geez... what was Doug thinking?"

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