Father Time-Travel - Part 9

Part 9

The storyline was originally going to end here, but I thought up one more little gag.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (Dad, hugging CW) "Well, gotta roll. Don't burn the house down!" (CW) "Haha. Love ya, daddy!" (Dad) "Love you, Cassie! Great to see you again, Beth!" (BG, waving) "Bye! Enjoy your Harley!" [BRRRRRMMMMMMMM] (BG) "Wow. I never thought your dad would have a WILD side!" (CW) "Yeah, it took me by surprise, too. But hey, who am I to judge! He seems reinvigorated, he's having fun while playing it safe. I'm very happy for him!" (BG, knowingly) "You went into the future and read his obituary, didn't you..." (CW) "Ripe old age, natural causes... NOTHING motorcycle-related!"

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