Father Time-Travel - Part 8

Part 8

Picking up where the end of Part 4 left off...

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Back... to the FUTURE!] (Dad) "So, you're the owner of this house, then?" (Nicki) "Yes... Yes I am, sir!" (CW) "That's RIGHT! Now, I'll go look for those papers while you two get acquainted..." (Dad) "Well, you've got quite an investment here. This home must be worth almost 200 grand by now!" (Nicki) "Yes, I love it!" [SLAM FZZZT] (CW, from just a bit later) "Uh... Nicki, could you come help me for a second?" (Nicki) "Excuse me for a moment..." (BG) "Can I get you anything to drink, Mr. Wells?" (Dad) "No thanks, I'm good." [FZZZT FZZZT] (CW, with ND in tow) "Okay, we found the papers! This should have everything you need for the quote!" [Nicki is discreetly "installing" the modifications from way back in panel one of strip 206] (Dad) "Cool! Well, Miss... Darling, I'll get this to my office and we'll take it from there! Here's my card. I'll give you a call soon!" (ND) "Thank you, Mr. Wells! (to CW) Cassie, My power's running low... So I'm going into my room to recharge..." (CW, a little surprised) "Um... Okay! Sleep tight! (Dad) "`Recharge'?" (BG, covering) "Uhhh... Yeah, she's an anime fanatic... She just loves those robot cartoons!"

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