Father Time-Travel - Part 6

Part 6

So we now have a proper(?) last name for Nicki.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW) "Okay, here's the stuff you need for the time machine. Drive back to my place and install that into Nicki, she'll be expecting you." (MG) "Alright." (CW) "And after that, take Nicki and get these ID cards done. Make sure they print the correct year. If they ask why, tell them it's for a film project. And think up a good last name for Nicki's family. (talking to MG through his car window) After that's done, bring Nicki back here and meet me at the time that I wrote down, which should be a few minutes from now, and we'll go from there. Got all that?" (MG) "Got it!" (CW) "Good luck... and thanks a BUNCH! [VROOM as he drives away, then FZZZT! Time portal opens] That was fast!" (MG, with Nicki following in a 70's print dress) "Har dee har har. Anyway, I got the ID cards done, just like you asked!" (CW) "Sweet! Let me see 'em! [reads the cards] 'DARLING'? You named her NICKI DARLING?!?!" (MG) "I'll have you know that 'Darling' is a real surname!" (Nicki Darling) "He's right, Cassie. But I did tell him... Don't expect me to diddle myself while reading a magazine!"

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