Father Time-Travel - Part 5

Part 5

I believe this is the first time we've seen Matt's workspace. He of course works next door to Cassie at Chandarlis Travel (named after a former acquaintance).

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (MG) "Chandarlis Travel, this is Matt!" (CW, over the phone) "MATT! This is Cassie... I need your electronics expertise and fake ID connections RIGHT AWAY! Please take a break and meet me out front!" (MG) "What's this all about? You in trouble?" (CW, outside and on her scooter) "It's about the house. See, this afternoon, my dad came by and wanted to see the insurance papers." (MG) "He came by already?" (CW) "No... He WILL come by... will have come by there later today after work. I'm here from four hours from now." (MG) "So to you, he already visited. But not yet, as far as I'm concerned." (CW, getting a bit confused... and agitated) "Um... yeah, he HAS paid a visit. He's there right now. No, he WILL be there... WILL HAVE BEEN there... HAS WILL HAVE BEEN visited..." (MG) "Future tense can be really tricky when you're a time traveler, am I right? (CW) "Just SHUT UP AND MEET ME OUT FRONT ALREADY!!!"

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