It Was The Least She Could Do

It Was The Least She Could Do

And... that makes 200 Times Like This strips! I had to do something special with the big C-C... so co-starring in this special edition is Rayne Summers from one of my favorite webcomics, Least I Could Do! Thanks to all my readers for your support!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [The clock says 10:15] (Rayne Summers of Least I Could Do) "SHIT! I overslept!!! [Cat goes flying] And there was a BIG meeting this morning. I'm SO fired!!!" [Naked RS & naked CW get out of bed] (CW) "Calm down, stud. I got this taken care of. (Through the time portal) See? Now you got plenty of time to get ready for work!" (RS) "Wow... So you got a time machine, H-uh? That thing must really come in handy!" (CW, whispering) "shhhh... you're gonna wake ourselves." (RS) "oh. right. (Exit yon apartment) So. Can we go back to last night and watch ourselves? I always wanted to witness my own sex romp in person!" (CW) "Sounds to me like someone's full of HIMself..."

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