It's A Swingin' Dance, But It's No Charleston

It's A Swingin' Dance, But It's No Charleston

I was just looking for an excuse to put the phrase "Superman That Hoe" in an "Action Comics" issue.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [The pages of Superman comics – but something's amiss...] (Panel one, off-screen voice) "... where are they broadcasting the signals?!" (Superman, holding a hoe) "Come on, soldier boy... Tell 'em!" (Enemy Soldier) "NEVER! I'll die before I rat anyone out!" (Soldier, second panel) "SUPERMAN! THAT HOE...!" (Superman, clutching his chest in the third panel, dropping the hoe) "Ugh... the handle... Someone knew we were coming!" (Enemy Soldier, holding a gun on the other Soldier from panel two) "Crank that, Soldier! No, I mean..." (Superman, last panel, pointing out) "YOU!!!" [Think about that series of words for a minute... then... ] (CW) "Either that's one hell of a coincidence..." (MG) "... or I managed to snag a writing job at DC in the Forties!"

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