Rabbits Ripped My Flesh... Rzzzzz! - Part 2

Part 2

More guest appearances abound, from the cast of Salt The Holly to Graham Chapman and John Cleese, to my wonderful wife!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [All-Con 2009, Day 2; that guy in the booth next to Mike Moreno is rather popular for some reason... And what's a "Salt The Holly"?] (CW) "Hey Michael? Remember me from yesterday? You did that 'Death By Bunny' sketch for me?" (MM) "Oh yeah! Cassie... Right?" (CW) "Yeah. I seem to have lost that drawing... Could you do another one for me, please?" [Hey, didn't we see that lady in the booth next door dishing out Beanie Babies a while back?] (MM) "Sure! No problem! In fact, no charge!" (CW) "Oh, thank you so much, sweetie. I've just been all over the worl- uh, place... and I have no idea where the hell I left that sketch! (to herself) or when... [1974; Jolly olde England] (Offscreen voice over the sketch of CW and the Rabbit) "Hey, Graham! Look what I found on a park bench!" (Graham) "That's bloody hilarious, John! You know who drew it?" (John) "I can't make out the writing... but it's a damn funny idea! A killer rabbit mauling someone, blood spewing everywhere." (Graham... CHAPMAN, of the "world famous Monty Python's Flying Circus") "We should put that in our 'Holy Grail' film. Have a scene where some knights get killed by a little rabbit!" (And that would mean "John" is actually John... CLEESE) "Splendid idea! Let me write that down for the script..."

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