Rabbits Ripped My Flesh... Rzzzzz! - Part 1

Part 1

It's the week leading up to All-Con 2009, so I'm putting out a couple of strips featuring myself and Michael Moreno hobnobbing with the guests there! And look who showed up today... Kaley, Yun and Simon from Geminni!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [All-Con 2009 in Dallas, and Cassie is visiting one of her favorite Webcomic artists – Michael Moreno of "Death By Bunny" Don't quite recognize the guy sitting next to Mr. Moreno at All-Con, though...] (CW) "That is hilarious! Thank you so much, Michael! I love it!" (Michael Moreno, handing her a drawing of a bunny attacking her, ala "Weasels Ripped My Flesh") "You're welcome, Cassie! It's always great to meet a 'Death By Bunny' Fan!" (CW) "Oh, hell yeah... It's so twisted!" [The artist in the booth next door seems to be popular with those kids – They don't look like Geminni, though...] (MM) "Yeah, you never expect someone like Clyde to be so cute yet so evil!" (CW) "And you know what? I happen to know of a real life death by bunny!" (MM) "You actually know someone who was killed by a bunny?" (CW) "Well... not really killing him... Just his career..." [1989; CW is consoling Mark "Jacko" Jackson at a bar] (Jacko, as his Energizer commercial plays on a TV) "I was on top of the world, mate! Everyone in the states was going 'New Energizahh! OI!!! And then I lose my gig to a FACKIN' TOY BUNNY RABBIT!!!" (CW) "Awww, don't worry, Jacko. You'll bounce back one of these days!"

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