I, Ro-Hot - Part 2

Part 2

Actually, I don't want any trouble with the company retaining rights to "Small Wonder"... so that's why I've given her the name "Nicki" instead of going with "Vicki".

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (BG) "So her name is Mira, then?" (CW) "Well, no, that's what her model name is. We can give her a name of her own." (MIRA) "MIRA stands for Multifunctional Interactive Robotic Assistant. My version, MIRA-7, first went on sale in 2023 and was a top seller worldwide." (CW) "I actually bought her in 2027, just after her model was discontinued, so she was a relative bargain! She's got 500 exabytes of memory, and she's fully customizable... like a humanoid 'Dremel' tool!" (BG) "Hmmm... Well, since you say you made her to look like an adult Vicki from 'Small Wonder', how about we rename her Nicki, short for 'Not Vicki'?" (CW) "I like that! Okay, I hope I do this correctly... MIRA-7 Serial Number X202-S197-OAJ, I am Admin Cassie. Passcode Rufus. Change your default name to... Nicki, spellout N-I-C-K-I. Confirm that?"(Nicki) "Confirmed. (In an innocent little girl voice) What were those words for, Mommy?" (CW) "Smartass." (MG) "Wow. An 'A.I.' quote! She sure knows her obscure films!" (CW) "Oh yeah, she's also got a crazy sense of humor. Nicki, do your 'Terminator' impersonation!" (Nicki) "I'm from da FYU-CHAH!"

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