A Feast For All Times

A Feast For All Times

Who needs leftovers when you can go back and get it fresh?

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Christmas dinner at CW's] (BG) "Well, I'm stuffed!" (MH) "That was truly delectable, Cassie!" (CW) "Aww... Thank you so much!" (KS) "There's a lot of leftovers here... You need any help putting them up?" (CW) "Nah. Just wait a couple minutes." (And... MG is the first to show up through the time portal) "Hey... Don't mind me, Just want some fresh ham." (Then "future" BG appears in a time portal – as BG watches herself) "Oh good, there's still some casserole left!" (KS) "I gotta say that's pretty clever of you!" (CW) "And the best part is: no freezer burn or microwave cold spots!" [One FCW reaches in over on the right for a roll, while another FCW takes a plate away from MG] (MG) "Hey! I was gonna eat that!" (FCW – with an obvious puke stain on her shirt) "It makes you puke tomorrow. I'm just saving us a bunch of trouble!"

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