Pleased To Meet Me - Part 2

Part 2

I always said the time-travel logistics of TLT are closer to "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" than "Back To The Future". In this comic, a paradox is where some boats can park. :)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW-Now) "Okaaay... I know I just thought this up, but this is still really fuckin' weird..." (Future CW) "Which is why I waited to show up until I... you... WE thought of this idea! See, I'm YOU... an hour from now. I took a short little nap, and then set the timepiece for an hour back. So don't forget to do that. When we're done with the sofa, go in the other room and set the timepiece for 3:30 so you'll... uh... become me." (CW) "Got it. 3:30, other room. [Commence LIFT...] UNGH... You sure we don't need a third me for this?" (FCW) "Naah... I think we can pull this off." (CW) "You know, this definitely gives 'talking to yourself' a whole new meaning." (FCW) "No shit!"

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