17 Lines About 20 Webcomics

17 Lines About 20 Webcomics

Admittedly this strip's one of those "inside joke" type gags. Hopefully there's a lot of y'all familiar with The Webcomic Crossover & Cameo Archive, an online almanac listing which webcomics' characters popped up (or which titles got mentioned) in other fellow webcomics.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [TerCon front desk] (BG) "HAHAHAHAAA!" (CW) "What's up with you?" (BG) "Just reading the latest 'Least I Could Do' before we open. Rayne is such an ass!" (CW) "Oh, I need to show you a couple of comics that I just discovered – 'Imy' and 'Geminni'!" (BG) "Hold on... Let me finish with 'The Kamics'..." (RO) "Y'all talking about webcomics? I love PVP and Penny Arcade... then again I am a video game freak..." (CW, as she closes one eye) "Don't forget 'Starslip', Rodney... Or should I say, 'Cutter'..." (RO) "Oh yeah... HA... Good times. Beth, you ever read 'Blood Groove'?" (BG) "On occasion. I'm more into stuff like 'Candi', 'Girly' and 'Octopus Pie'..." (CW) "I'm more a fan of offbeat humor, like 'Circle vs. Square' or 'Diesel Sweeties' or 'Zorphbert & Fred'." (BG) "I wonder if the new 'Real Life Adventures' is up yet!" (RO, wandering off-screen) "I'm hearing the fax machine..." (BG) "You into those graphic-novel-ish webcomics like 'Salt The Holly', 'Due East' or 'Phoenix Requiem'?" (CW) "Not really... but I do like 'Of Snakes And Apples'... If Adam really looked that hot, I'd go back to Genesis in an instant!" (BG) "Oh cool... 'XKCD' just got updated!" (CW, to Rodney) "Is that fax for one of us?" (RO) "Yeah. Who's L.P. Hogan and why is he telling us to SHUT THE FUCK UP?"

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