The Freaks Come Out At Night - Part 1

Part 1

In case you're wondering... Cassie's dressed up as Nemi from P.S.I., Matt is Brent from PvP and Bethany is one of the Daft Dancers.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [CW Halloween Party – Webcomic theme!] (CW, as Nemi from PSI) "Alright! We all set for our party tonight?" (BG, as one of the Daft Dancers) "I'm ready… I hope Wanda shows up, we've been practicing our bit for days…" [Doorbell] (CW) "Hi Matt! Oh COOL! I just LOVE your Brent costume!" (MG, as Brent Sienna from PvP – complete with biting panda!) "Macs rule, PC's drool, babe!" (CW) "Just set the chips on the table there." (MG) "You did get all the expiration dates removed from everything right? Remember two years ago!" (CW) "Sure did... Sheesh... Everything was actually fresh, it's not like the stuff really sat there since 1983!" (MG) "Still... I just don't wanna clean up any more puke from panicky snoops this year!"

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