Goliath: FAIL

Goliath: FAIL

I've had these sketches since earlier this year, and finally I've assembled them into a strip. Just a matter of finding enough time in a matter of days to clean up all the extra scans and everything.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1017 BC; The Giant is terrorizing the land… what's this? A little boy with a sling and a stone? WHACK! Right on the forehead! DOWN GOES GOLIATH! DOWN GOES GOLIATH! The triumphant David holds up his severed head to the crowd, who carry him off… but an interested party lags behind...] (MG takes out some paint and a brush from his satchel, and paints some undecipherable words for the confused old man who passes by Goliath's headless body…) PWN3D

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