For Spartaaaaaaa!

For Spartaaaaaaa!

Yeah, I know I'm real late to the party on this one.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (MG) "I heard there's a sequel to 300 in the works…" (CW, at her computer) "Heh… Maybe it'll be called 301? 400?" (MG) "Another 300? Hellenic Boogaloo? Ha ha haaa…" (CW) "And remember all those gag pics featuring that one shot of Leonidas?" (MG) "I wonder what the real Leonidas would have thought about how he was portrayed!" (CW) "Well, funny you should mention that…" [480 BC] (Cassie shows Leonidas the "Scream" picture via a "parchment scroll") (Leonidas) "GAAAHHHH!!!"

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